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energy saving stove
successfully implemented
on 3000 m altitide in ecuador


Como construir una genial cocina – horno y estufa en uno de barro
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interview mit richard jussel als pdf

interview mit richard jussel online


fireplace "tatewari"


bukhari plus three storey type - stove for heating and cooking
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increasing wood efficiency for bhutan
for urban and rural areas in the land of the thunder dragon
global energie award 2004
owner: austrian development agency

you are what you eat


you know what does you good



energy³savingstove niger
energy³savingstove, saves time, money and labour
le poêle de brique en limon économisant du temps y travail plus l'argent
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energy-saving oven
you save energy and time
project for zimbabwe

Link zu Martin Schleyer

energy-saving stove
zimbabwe life


energy-saving stove
 und low on fumes
 zimbabwe life