Lehmofen Lechtal CLAY off mortard clay stove with a spiral made of natural collected stones and shells Kachelofen mit Lehmputz 2ROOMHEATER tiled stove with hand made salt glazed tiles combined with clay stucco set as room divider Lehmofen Lechtal FEEL ALLRIGHT Slow heat release stove with clay surface combined with natural stones found in the natural resort of the Lech river Putzgrundofen Lehm mit Steineinlagen EARTHBOUND Slow heat release clay stove with warm keeping compartment and natural stones Lehm-Kachelofen LOAM Slow heat release clay stove with opened tea pot keeper 2RaumDurchsichtsheizung CALIFORNIA dual glass-enhanced fire place with self regulating independent combustion air supply. State of the art clay fire place. Lehmofenspirale MUDWORK Slow heat release clay stove with hand made tiles Kachelofen - Putzgrundofen MOTHEREARTH unique putzgrundofen with clay surfaces Putzgrundofen Lehm ADOBE unique putzgrundofen with clay surfaces Lehm Kachelofen EARTH unique putzgrundofen with clay surfaces Ganzhausheizung für Niedrig- bzw. Passivhäuser TERRA slow heat release clay stove central heating system built in a low energy house

we spend 80% of our time indoors, therefore we should surround ourselves with natural materials so that we do not completely loose touch with nature …. clay surfaces for wall heating improve the room climate, lower the dust content of air and the electromagnetic pollution. Create your wall mandala with natural clay.

see me
feel me
touch me
heal me

clay gives life
goes back to the source
gives us warmth and wellness
is our 2nd skin