Lehmofen-Rohstadium_WorkshopWieselburg2013 energy³ the energy saving stove was developed by BMVIT, IEZ and ATSA (Austrian Kachelofen Association, Richard Jussel implemented this stove 2002 in Zimbabwe Lehmkochofen Workshop 2013 in Wieselburg energy³ Richard Jussel giving a workshop on how to build the energy saving stove with local available materials (Bioenergy 2020+, Elsa/Josef Schaglerl) Energiesparherd Zimbabwe 2002 SAVES TIME, MONEY & LABOR energy saving stove built in Zimbabwe to educate households how to build and use simple and sound cost free local available earth and sand Energiepsarofen, gebaut in Zimbabwe von Richard Jussel 100% set in Zimbabwe to enable cleaner kitchen environment lower lung and eye diseases caused by smoke from solid fuel APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY Lehmkochofen USE MOTHER EARTH Martin Schleyer was educated to built to energy saving stove successfully for Niger Built_in_Niger2010_by_ONGSAABY_OrganisationNonGouvernementalSAABY MUDWORK energy saving stove built in Niger by educated NGO (ONGSAABY) Energiesparherd LOCAL built by Florian Hackenberg for Mucheresconexito in Ecuador at 3000 m altitude BENEFIT Built_by_the_stove_fitters_of_Mahongole_Tansania_2013_with_the_help_of_Florian_Knaus INDEPENDENT built by Florian Knaus engineer without frontiers with educated stove fitters in Tansania, Mahongole 2013 Built_by_the_stove_fitters_of_Kantandililo_Tansania_2013_with_the_help_of_Florian_Knaus SELF SUFFICENT built by Florian Knaus with educated stove fitters in Tansania, Kantandililo 2013 Built_by_Florian_Knaus_engineer_without_frontiers_in_Tansania_2013 SELF ADMINISTRATED built by Florian Knaus with eduated stove fitters in Tansania 2013 Energiesparofenbau in Ecuador 2013 SELF REALIZED built by Florian Hackenberg, Peter Ratz in Ecuador at 3000 m altitude SUSTAINABLE built by Josef Schagerl with educated stove fitters in Uganda 2013 RECYCLING ECONOMY Josef_und_Elsa_Schagerl_two_energysavingstoves_for_a_big_kitchen_Uganda_2013 built by Elsa and Josef Schagerl double energy saving stove combined with 2 simple chimneys enabling smoke free kitchen OPEN SOURCE Built_by_the_stove_fitters_of_Mahongole_Tansania_2013_with_the_help_of_Florian_Knaus_2 FULFILL 5 Rs Reconditioning, Recycle, Renewable Energy, Repair and Reuse built for children's garden in Tansania Mahongole 2013 Florian Knaus and stove team

energy³ saving stove
the mud stove for cooking
and heating

5 Rs !
renewable energy


saves time, money and labor

self sufficient, self administrated, self realized