Kochherd zum Kochen und Heizen HOME AND DRY stove for heating and cooking bench and back part are heated Tischherd grün geflämmt MULTI PURPOSE cooking - heating - baking - roasting - heating warm water and through bypass damper tiled stove Durchheizherd in der Küche GREEN MOTTLED double functional stove used for cooking and heating as well as heating neighbouring tiled stove through bypass damper Küchenherd mit Lehmaufsatzteil TOP (P)ART stove with baking compartment set in top vaulted clay part Aufsatzküchenherd GOOD COOKING stove with baking and warm keeping compartment in top part neighboured glass enhanced opened fire place TUNED hallmark of balanced craftmanship equipped with heat indicator Küchenherd TRADITION stove with classical top part baking and warm keeping compartment TWO IN ONE state of the art stove combined with slow heat release clay stove Kachelofen ONE FOR ALL hand made tiles made for unique formed tiled stove part with contactless bench

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