Richard Jussel

Richard Jussel

alias shorty feuermacher, born 1962 in zürich, grew up in vorarlberg, satteins. have lived with my family in klein wetzles near gross gerungs in lower austria since 1983

4 years of high school, 5 years of trade school. learned more about ceramics than about economics or english. at the age of 27 began to learn the trade of tile stove setter, passed the final examination with distinction and qualified as a master of the trade at the age of 35. in 1997 was employed as a technician by the Austrian Kachelofen Association (Research Institute for Kachelofen Builders). since 1998 run my own small company, specializing in the making of all kinds of wood-burning stoves.
since 2002 engaged in the process to implement worldwide Austrian Tile Stove Technology by using the open source project named energy³savingstove …


    consultation and information
    good value for your money
    state of the art technology
    hallmark of stove craftmanship

  • MY GOAL:

    capture the essence of home and owners create a product unique in form and color


    there is no over – or understatement
    it is simple and sound called heart
    everything in the right place aesthetic value

the first heating is an essential part of the stove ceremony

Energiesparofen im Niger Afrika

energie3 saving stove – the mud stove for cooking und heating

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Lehm-Kochofen - Cocina de barro, Foto Ayuda Andina e.V.

Como construir una cucina genial (horno y estufa en uno de barro) PERU

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