Feuerstelle FILLED with WONDER wood fuel and making fire is an art Kalkbrennofen LIME STONE KILN special fire place for the production of lime Kalkbrennofen 5 DAY's and 5 NIGHT's burning local available stone to lime Energiesparherd energy³ the energy saving stove in Ecuador by Florian Hackenberg and Peter Ratz Global energy award 2004 GLOBAL on the way know-how transfair in the Kingdom of Bhutan Feuerstelle Tatewari TATEWARI grandfather fire arranged outside and in a tipi BUKHARI two story type Bukhari used for heating and cooking Bukhari für Restaurant und Golfkantine BUKHARI two story type Bukhari with 2 cast iron plates made for 'Increasing Wood Efficiency' for the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan energy3 in Haiti Florian Knaus TECHNOLOGY made in Haiti 2016 by Florian Knaus APPrOPrIATE Lehmofen Tansania Florian Knaus SELF-CONTAINED energy saving stove made by Florian Knaus in Tansania CLAY BRICK STOVE clay brick stove with 3 cast iron plates in Phobjikha Valley Royal Kingdom of Bhutan CBS3CIP Energiesparofenbau in Ecuador 2013 ECUADOR energy saving stove built at 3000 m altitude by Florian Hackenberg and Peter Ratz

This know-how enables creativity, widens the sense of art and living and shows how to manage sutainable recycling economy even in non monetary sensitive territories of our planet.

NOTICE low cost fire places belong to all human beings living in non monetary systems

Transform our technology in a fair way get the smoke out of the kitchens that kill millions of women and children support cleaner kitchen environment and safe drinking water