Kachelofen mit Kaminheizeinsatz EARTH PRANA chimney insert inbetween tiled stove. Hand made tiles glazed (iriscent salt glaze) produced in a double vaulted kiln enabling a touch of salt and ember >> Reinsaat Shop Ganzhausheizung für Niedrig- bzw. Passivhäuser AT HOME slow heat release clay stove made as central heating system for a low energy house Kachelofen rot-weiß-rot HEARTH organic puzzled tiled stove combined with mineral stucco Kachelofen grün geflammt bei Nacht FIRE ADDICT tiled stove with standard glass heating door Kachelofen grün geflammt HEAT UP tiled stove with glass heating door before NIGHT comes Kachelofen mit Sichtfeuertüre magic CORNER tiled stove with glass enhanced combustion chamber Kachelofen Umweltzeichen PLUS tiled stove combined with clay stucco, natural stones and glass heating door, built according to the standards of the eco-labeled combustion chamber + Kombi Kachelofen mit Teewärmer im Blockhaus TWOinONE tiled stove with tea pot cave in combination with wood burner in loghouse Kachelofen ONLY FOR U tiled stove in classical style made with floor tiles Kachelofen mit Stabkacheln CORCOVADO get ultimative radiant touch transformed by haptic bar tiles Kachelofen mit Ganzhausheizung CUBIC ART Off mortared tiled stove simple and sound heated square stack Kachelofen WELL BALANCED customer's hand made tiles Kachelofen LIKE HEAVEN classical tiled stove in brand new design Alter Kachelofen neu verfugt HISTORICAL BEAUTY old historical tiled stove reraising

tiled stoves individually planned built according to your wishes, the variety of available building materials offers unlimited creative possibilities.

Generally we offer eco-labeled stoves and create products of superior design.

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