Brot- und Pizzaofen in Küche integriert FEEL FIRE oven situated beside slow heat release clay stove focused in the kitchen Wiederbelebter traditioneller Mühlviertler Steinbackofen OVEN reraised old tradtional oven made of stone situated under a smokestack caters fresh rye bread, pizza and local goodies for all people coming to the stonehillranch. (Margit Kern - chief and heart) Backofen integriert in Kachelofen Spirit of fire SPIRIT of FIRE oven integrated above tiled stove made by Peter Scheibelhofer Brotbackhofen STEAKS made in oven with a cast iron grill BEST for CARNIVORE Offener Kamin mit großer Sichtfeuertüre und integriertem Brot- und Pizzabackofen BASE FIRE oven integrated in fire place equipped with vaulted glass heating door Brot- und Pizzabackofen pizza ... yummy home made pizza prepared personally by Richard for a workshop Küchenherd mit Backofen LOFTY STYLE oven set above stove for heating and cooking so that warmth preheats oven's bottom Brotbackhofen GOURMET oven for multi-purpose cooking and baking Brotbackformen FORMS bread-baking oven with baking forms tool to stir the glowing fire (gluatkrücka), tool to put in the bread (broteinschiaßa), tool to clean the bottom of the oven (ofawisch)

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Get your best foodstuffs and fusion your meals, ovens offer more than baking bread and creating pizza, by using cast iron pots and grills and experience the unexpected taste of real fire